05. February, 2023.

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Panasonic fire detection system

  • How can we protect the detectors from water coming from upstairs the ceiling?
    • We can install the special Panasonic detector pan, to protect the detectors.
  • Is there an installers handbook of Panasonic fire detection systems?
    • Please ask for Your copy  HERE.

Panasonic luxlift:

  • How do I maintain the luxlift itself?
    • Procedure as follows: once in a half year it should be lowered and lifted. That's it.
  • May I use luxlift outdoors?
    • No, because it can be fitted with maximum IP54 protection.
  • Can I use it to light-show purposes?
    • No, because the light-source can be switched on only in the uppermost position. Luxlift is intended exclusively for maintenance works.
  • Can I move a rail with more luxlifts?
    • No, beacause the units are not moving synchronized.