05. February, 2023.


HTM Magyarország Kft takes active part in setting up national and local networks. Transmission technologies applied include optical, microwave and fixed lines.

In connection with this activity, the company performs installation, configuration and maintenance of

  • microwave transmission equipment (ERICSSON, NOKIA, NEC, etc.);


  • network node equipment (NOKIA, NORTEL, TELLABS, ALCATEL, CISCO, etc.) and indoor

  • optical- and copper LAN networks.

We are able to provide complete subscriber end-points connected to the backbone network, from planning to construction, as well as the maintenance of installed equipment.

Our experts have the seasoned experience and expertise of telecom network planning, construction maintenance and trouble-shooting, with which HTM can ensure fast, reliable and high-standard service to partners. The company’s employees are trained continuously in order to ensure that they meet the highest requirements even in the field of the this fast changing environment.

Our well-established supplier connections and frame contracts make our customers benefit from optimal price/value balance in purchasing installation accessories (racks, cabinets, fuses, power supply units, cables, distribution frames, etc.).

Our services on the fields of telecom

Planning, permission procedure:

  • preparing feasibility studies;

  • planning microwave networks:

  • preparing frequency plans;

  • proceeding in permission process;

  • preparing structural engineer’s opinion;

  • planning antenna supporting towers/masts;

  • architectural, steel structure planning, proceeding in architectural permission process;

Network construction, implementation

  • installation of microwave connections, equipment;

  • installation of GSM/EDGE/UMTS base stations;

  • installation, construction and programming of SDH, MUX, IP/MPLS equipment;

  • installation and programming of CISCO routers;

Supplying auxiliary materials used at installation:

  • racks, cabinets;

  • digital and optical cables, connectors;

  • RF cables, connectors;

  • power supply units, batteries;

Infrastructure implementation

  • architectural preparation of buildings for telecom purposes, preparing rooms;

  • installation of telecom containers;

  • production and installation of antenna masts, towers;

  • lightning protection

  • providing power supply;

Operation and maintenance

  • inspection of existing telecom networks;

  • preventive maintenance of telecom network elements

  • preventive maintenance of infrastructure elements supporting telecom networks;

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